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Brain Surgery, Temodar & Radiation

I often get asked about my surgery, treatment, and its effects:

Surgical Resection - Awake Craniotomy

  • The first 2-3 hours I was pretty drugged and do not remember much

  • The next two hour I was very cognizant of what was going on.

  • Your head is pinned down to a stretcher, which gave me extreme anxiety

  • I would equate it to a person with a paper cutter behind you slicing brain tissue.

  • I rehearsed in my mind to tell Dr.Golby she was an Angel and to remove it all; I said that several times.

  • The last thirty minutes I remember sobbing uncontrollably.

  • Once they stitched me up, I remember giving Dr.Golby a huge hug and we were both crying.

  • A memory I will never forget for the rest of my life.

  • Woke up in the ICU starving and wanting nicotine so badly (I have since quit smoking)

  • At one point I remember feeling outside of my body and looking at the raindrops on the window it felt surreal.

  • 3/months of disability

  • It is important to take a few month if you are newly diagnosed to go through all the motions.

  • Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Finally Acceptance.

It took me about three weeks before I could discuss without breaking down.

Treatment – Temodar

  • Temozolomide is a pill, and you do not loose your hair.

  • Bones Ached

  • Randomly Emotional

  • White Blood Cell Counts Dropped

  • Felt Crappy

  • In the line of chemo, this did not have many side effects.

  • Worked while taking until the last two weeks, I used disability.

Treatment – Radiation

  • I had radiation scheduled every day for twenty-five workdays

  • No pain except the psychological pain of getting your head microwaved.

  • Took low dose Temodar for forty days

  • Low dose Temodar had no effect on me.

  • Radiation sucked because I lost my hair.

  • A mask molded to your head, so you can't move.

  • Anxious as hell thinking I would fall off the table and break my neck.

  • I used CBD/THC during radiation based on studies done on mice.

  • Based on This Study

  • Made anxiety much worse.

Most are surprised that I worked through both radiation and chemo as an IT Director.

All in all I lived, it sucked, but you just move through it.

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