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What Brain Cancer Gives

We often focus on what Brain Cancer has taken from us however I feel it is important to look at the transformation within the very fabric of our soul. So many wonderful attributes I have gained.

Hope, Compassion, Understanding, and most of all Love.

All of us have the opportunity to touch others by our plight - While we lean on one and other for support. We should take glory in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

I am thankful this Christmas to know what Joy truly is – Helping one and other.

I know I have shared this letter before but felt it pertained to this post and my overall mission in life.

“Dr.Golby, Every time I would try and write you a note - I could never find the words to express my gratitude. How can you possibly thank someone for saving your life, there is simply no answer?

It took me several weeks to discuss my surgery to anyone without getting emotional. Not because of any pain but how much I was touched by what you and your team had done. It is something that will always stay with me. You truly are an angel.

What you do each day is a gift, even though the choices you make are extremely difficult. I thought to work with computers was demanding, I can only imagine having the human dynamic involved. Had I died on that operating table I would hold no ill will because I know you take great pains at doing your absolute best.

In a strange way, my tumor was the greatest thing that ever happened to me; I now know the difference between living each day and loving each day. It’s funny how we glide through life forgetting what important, love, memories, friends and family is. All the medical advances and we don’t even understand consciousness; I think it is whatever we make it be.

That being said, I have since found the answer to my question “how can I reimburse you?” - The purpose of our lives is to make a difference in someone else’s. I will be sure to pay it forward.

Forever Thankful. –Nick”

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