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Brain Cancer and Work

January 11, 2017


Do not let you Brain Tumor dictate your life.  If you live your Life worrying about the future – Than what Good is living.  I have seen it to many times; individuals who are depressed about their prognosis and live in despair. (See Prognosis Statistics)


Most are surprised that I worked through both radiation and chemo (Temodar) as an IT Director.  I would leave at 4 PM, get my head microwaved at 4:30 PM and home by 5:30 PM.


I hope this sentiment gives everyone hope – If I can work as and IT Director, own an e-commerce business all while having a newborn than I feel anything is possible.  Just this year alone I have sold $150k on e-commerce sites while working full time.


One of the major side effects of brain surgery, chemo, and radiation is chronic fatigue, short-term memory, and organizational issues.  I have a feeling most of the us deal with this daily.  However, it is combatable.


Here are a few tricks I have learned

  • I use Modafinil every morning, and any NO will prescribe you Provigil.

    • It is not addictive, and it’s not an amphetamine

      • Due to the toxicity and addiction profile of Amphetamines, I highly recommend not using them.  The fact that they give this to children disturbs me.

  • I cut out coffee and use Cocoa Powder and Hot Water (no sugar) several cups a day.

  • I write down all my daily work tasks and cross them off as I complete them.

  • I use Amazons Echo to find my phone along with Tile for my keys & wallet.

  • I use smart devices for everything in my house.

  • I took a cognition test and found that my visual memory was off the charts.

    • I use that to my advantage – Instead of memorizing numbers, I picture them.

  • I eat a significant amount of healthy fats which feeds the brain

    • Avocados, Coconut, Grass Fed Butter, Salmon, Cocoa Butter to name a few.

    • Carrots are excellent for the brain.

    • Brain Diet

  • Another trick is to use Nootropics, which are legal and you can purchase online.

    • Here are some of my favorite Nootropics (See Brain Hacks)

      • Phenylpiracetam 

      • Noopept

      • Aniracetam

      • Adrafinil

  • Vitamin D in the morning (See Supplements)

  • I get one hour for lunch and use that hour for a nap (Slam down lunch as quick as possible)


    I hope this information helps out others, it took me some time to figure this out.








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