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Brain Tumor Anxiety - How I Cured Without Drugs

Anxiety is a creation of our modern day ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) culture.

We were not made to sit at a desk working all day staring at a monitor, multitasking like a mad man, boss is constantly on you, dealing with kids, the list goes on and on When you add in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, along with a brain tumor, you have a recipe for success – ahem - sarcasm.

Let’s think back a hundred years ago, then to the beginning of human existence – our societies were hunter/gatherers, and from there we moved to agriculture. Since the discovery of Oil (1879), we now live in an “Industrial Society.” It’s important because - One - Nature used to be part of our daily lives - Two - We didn’t have cell phones to stare at a thousand times a day - The study below shows taking a walk in nature reduced depression/anxiety scores in 71% of participants.

I digressed, so how did I control my anxiety?

Personally, I have dealt with it for the past fourteen years, and as with most, I was afraid to see a doctor because it was a mental health issue. I significantly exacerbated the issue by self-medicating (Drinking Alcohol) which worked great when I was drinking. However, the next morning my anxiety was off the charts - Creating a vicious cycle.

After brain surgery, they gave me Ativan which changed my life. I could finally look someone in the eyes when having a conversation - Wow, this was awesome – Not so much. Ativan over time gives you terrible depression and the addiction profile is insane. When I stopped taking it just after three weeks of use I had hyper-anxiety. I thank God I did not continue because the withdrawal from long term use can cause psychosis among a whole slew of other things. I still use Ativan but only when absolutely needed.

So I continued my search, my primary care recommended anti-depressants, but my NO was against it because there are some studies that show it can have negative effects on tumors. Also, I am not depressed I’m a positive, happy guy.

I didn’t want drugs, so I tried 5-HTP, Kava Kava, St.Johns Wart, Valerian, & Yohimbe to name a few. They all sucked - Most made me fall asleep or feel awful. I dug in and spent a year trying supplements that did nothing.

On my never-ending quest to find new Brain Tumor Supplements (nothing to do with Anxiety) I came across Angelica Sinensis. So I punched it into Amazon and purchased “Free and Easy Wanderer - Xiao Yao Wan” (Link Here)

I was not expecting what happened. My anxiety completely disappeared, I felt amazing. No anti-depressants & no anti-anxiety meds – Most of all no drugs.

I fixed my anxiety with a bonus; Angelica Sinensis kills brain tumors (Link Here). Although when I purchased, I was unaware that “Xiao Yao Wan” had other ingredients.

All in all, I couldn't be happier, this supplement is a miracle for me.

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