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All of us suffer.

Comparing one person suffering to another is futile because it is subjective and incalculable.

So often we feel like, why me God, what did I do to deserve this?

Before I answer that question, I want to share some quotes of people who were clinically dead and came back.

"All the suffering in our lives is actually for our good. Out of the most tragic of circumstances springs human growth." (Angie Fenimore)

"God never gives us more challenges in life than we can handle. Rather than jeopardize our spiritual progression or cause more suffering than can be endured, God will bring us home where we can continue progressing." (RaNelle Wallace)

"As long as we have life here, we are learning, our spirits are growing, and we are coming closer to the divine, even by the things we suffer. We may not always know what to do in our lives, we may be troubled and in pain, but be assured, as long as we are here, we are growing." (Betty Eadie)

So then, why me God?

God is progressing your soul, and being honest, you were likely part of that plan before birth.

How are we progressing?

Empathy, Love, & Compassion, these are all traits we have learned. When I see someone new in a Brain Cancer group asking questions, and I can assist that person who went through the same hell I did assuring them that in the end, everything will be OK. That brings true purpose to our lives.

Ask any senior citizen how much their character has changed, gaining positive attributes as they continue to age, knowing their death is closer and closer. If you could bottle that up and give it today's youth, imagine how different the world would be.

Our brain is consistently bombarded with capitalistic ideas since birth, that material wealth is what brings true happiness. All of us with brain cancer know this is outright false, that life brings happiness. See how much you have already progressed?

Keeping perspective

My Grandma was windowed four times, and she lost two sons. I was always amazed at her resilience, and her trust in God was unwavering. She came from a generation where parents would plan a family with eight plus kids, knowing that some wouldn’t make it, because at the time, there were no antibiotics and vaccines. Can you imagine that today, having children and assuming some would die?

My Grandfather Paul was a pastor (I never met him), when he lost his eye sight he said in his sermon he was depressed. Why me? He was in depression. Later in the sermon he stated the key words in the word depression are to Press On.

All of us can go on about the cross we bore, but in the end what truly matters? Attitude.

Is there not a day that goes by that I do not think about my three sons, but if I fear death, then how can I truly live.

To conclude, if you need help, feel like your suffering is too overbearing, please reach out to others, work with your doctor, consider therapy, do everything in your power work through it –

Your life is so much more than just you, those who love you want you to flourish, that your suffering is their suffering.

God Bless

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