The Comment Above Is A Russian-Funded BOT

*Look at their Friend count - Look at their profile pictures (No picture of themselves) - Do not argue with them - The likes on their comments are from other BOTs

*Russia is flooding the US

*Recently I purchased on the dark web 1,600 likes from Russian BOTs for $5

My fascination with hacking has been amplified throughout my life. At age 13, somebody showed me Back Orifice, a trojan that allowed me, the user, to take control of a target computer. I would erase people's hard drives. At the time, I thought it was awesome, and the power I felt, incredible.

At 16, I got into the school “Cable Channel 2” server and wrote, "Squires is simple amazing" The Vice Principle suspended me and said I needed to go to a better English class. That same year retrieved all of the teacher's passwords and gave them to my computer lab professor – I was no longer allowed to use any computer in the school. I had to sit outside during computer classes.

I landed my first job in the field when I was 21, working at The Computer Merchant, Ltd. ( doing desktop support. Sixteen years later, I am still at The Computer Merchant working as the IT Director.

However, none of this had any impact societally, until recently with my dive into Facebook, specifically the bot networks. State actors have been registering accounts since the inception of social media and, more recently, using AI to control them. It is now impossible to distinguish a real person from a simulation. These networks communicate, building a giant web of misinformation, divisive posts, trust in an established government, and anger. Bot's love news articles, specifically the comment section, to sow misinformation, anger, distrust, and the rest of the network “like" the remark to bring it to the "top" comment. We wonder why we feel the way we feel disheartened about our society. We are bombarded daily, if not hourly, with artificial trolls.

Facebook found out from these networks that angry users use their platform for longer, turning a blind eye to these computer-based human simulations.

Recently I purchased on the dark web 1,600 likes for $5 about nothing (picture attached) to prove how simple it is.

We must expose these networks to stop the tragic, soul-crushing negativity about the current state of societal perception.